Glints of a kingdom #1

Moving into our new house was the perfect excuse for a party. As well as telling all our friends, we invited our new neighbours too. Although appreciative of our invitation, our Sikh neighbour explained that he and his wife don’t smoke, don’t eat meat and don’t drink whisky. We reassured them that participation in such activities would not be obligatory at our party, and they promised to consider attending.

The day of the party arrived and we fired up the barbecue. Well, barbecues to be precise; in order to accommodate all our friends, we used the main barbecue for meat, two disposable barbecues for vegetarian kebabs and the oven for halal sausages!

An hour or two into the party, our neighbour came round to scout out the situation. What he saw obviously put his mind at rest, for he explained that he would go home and ask his wife to cook some pakora and they would come to our party in due course. And they did. They joined in with the food and talked with our other guests, meeting old acquaintances and making new ones.

As he came to leave, our neighbour gave us the ultimate seal of approval, declaring “This evening has exceeded my expectations!”

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