Driving Lesson

Yesterday I saw a guy drive the wrong way down a one-way street! The cheek of it. And the fact that he parked his car, got out and went into the temple across the road made it all the more hypocritical. He could’ve collided with an oncoming vehicle, flattened an unsuspecting pedestrian. It’s a good thing he didn’t catch my eye, because I’d have given him a right icy glare.

Actually, it is a good thing he didn’t catch my eye because, a few seconds later, something else did. Roadworks. Right across the entrance to the road leading to the temple. Ah. To get to the temple from the other side of the roadworks, there was no choice but to drive round the block and turn into the road from the other end. You simply couldn’t get there any other way.

My driver friend may have technically driven the wrong way down the road. But that’s nothing compared to the wrong way I chose, speeding down the road with my judgemental conclusions before colliding with the bigger picture . . .

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