Glints of a kingdom #4

You see them often enough, taped to lampposts. The brief description, the recent date, the local phone number. This one describes a black and white cat, short-haired, with a collar. Someone’s pet, gone wandering off, lost its way home.

Except this poster’s different. A cat, matching this description, isn’t Lost but Found, currently in the care of the RSPCA. The lamppost posters look for the owner, not the pet.

One less Lost.

One more Found.


One thought on “Glints of a kingdom #4

  1. How joyful! There’s something so positive about this piece in more ways than one – the potential outcome for the cat and the owner, the action of the person who bothered to put the notice up etc. You challenge us to become aware of good news in an unexpected place and in turn hint that we too could find plenty to be joyful about if we keep our antennae tuned in.

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