Love Thy (Noisy) Neighbour

The repetitive, persistent dull thud of drumbeat and bassline reverberates through the shared concrete wall between our house and next door’s. It swamps my personal soundscape, overrules my own rhythm, invades my interior world.

Although I always notice when our neighbour’s stereo is on, it bothers me some days more than others. My reaction isn’t necessarily in proportion to the volume or genre of music my neighbour is blasting through the wall. If I’ve got the space and time I need in a day, I can cope with the music, even for a few hours. But if I’m already running at capacity, feeling over-stretched and over-committed, then the noise from next door tips me over the edge and drives me out of my house at the earliest opportunity!

So my neighbour’s music is actually a signal to me. It helps me see when I’m getting too busy, when I’m not taking care of myself or getting the breaks that I need. This unwelcome noise – my enemy – is, in fact, an unexpected friend.

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