The Best Place I’ve Ever Slept

Two weeks ago, I stayed with a friend in Paris. From my bed in her studio flat, I could see the Eiffel Tower lit up a few hundred metres away. With lazer beams rotating around the top, it made the glitziest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. And then, on the hour, the Tower went into strobe effect and the whole structure sparkled and shimmied into the night sky. Incroyable!

This, I decided, was going into my Top Ten of Best Places I’ve Ever Slept. Here, in roughly chronological order, are the other nine:

In a cabin onboard a ship crossing the equator
On top of a safari truck in South Africa
In a log cabin in Colorado
In a shepherd’s caravan in South Dakota
In a farmhouse with no running water in Lithuania
In a button factory in Birmingham
In a lighthouse keeper’s cottage in Norwich
In a wooden house in the Philippines
In a youth hostel in the Swiss Alps

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