The God of Small Things

Here’s a list of ten small joys . . .

The joy of not getting irritated by delayed trains

The joy of contemplative ironing

The joy of being eagerly greeted by a dog who’s delighted to see you or casually acknowledged by a cat who’s willing to tolerate your presence

The joy of custard

The joy of re-using old wrapping paper and finding it’s just the size you need

The joy of free-wheeling down a hill

The joy of a familiar path at different times and in different seasons

The joy of noticing an old name or date on a building

The joy of conversing in Franglais

The joy of spotting bus drivers waving to each other as they pass

One thought on “The God of Small Things

  1. Hi Claire, I like this! It would be good to find a new ‘small joy’ every day for a set period of time. e.g. during Advent. Maybe that’s something that you,. your mum and I coudl do and share! What do you think? Also, I’m doing Brian Draper’s Advent emails again this year and Mike and Hannah are doing them too.. See you at the V & A on Monday.


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