Southall Gazette, March 2016

A man appeared in court yesterday accused of selling NHS numbers to undocumented immigrants. Joshua Masih, aged 33, allegedly sold an NHS number to Zac Cheus, who faces deportation after out-staying his visa. The prosecution alleges that Cheus bought the number in order to access free medical care for a foot injury sustained in a fall from a tree. Masih, defending himself, denied the charge, claiming that he willingly gave his own NHS number to Cheus and did not profit from the arrangement. Under cross-examination, Masih acknowledged that his action could prevent him from accessing NHS care for himself in the future, but he stated that he was prepared to lay down his rights for the benefit of his friend. The case continues.–and-all-patients-will-have-to-prove-they-are-not-foreigners-to-get-treatment-free-on-the-nhs-9029586.html

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