What do you do with the I-should-nevers
Where do you go with the wish-I-hadn’ts
How do you live with the if-only-I’d-nots?

Shove them behind the sofa with the how-come-we-didn’ts
Bundle them beneath the bed with the what-if-we-hadn’ts
Stuff them below the stairs with the why-did-we-evers?

Dig it all down deep and hope to God
That they do not rise to swallow up
the what-nexts
the where-nows
the who-elses?




Let the past find its place in the present.

Like standing beside a classical column in a medieval church
Like sitting below a Roman stone in a Romanesque tower
Like walking beneath an Etruscan arch in a Renaissance gateway

Take the best,
and leave the rest
to rest in pieces.

Build a new life with the shell of the old, welcoming
what was
what is
what will be.

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