Hereness and Nowness

hold the hereness
know the nowness

not the thereness thenness
nor the ifness whenness

let go the whatness whereness whyness
leave off the howness whoness whichness

hereness and nowness

sense the Presence that presents as present in the present

take it

it’s a present

The Sunbathing Blackbird

It’s not only people who are enjoying the fine weather.

In the corner of the Rectory garden, at the edge of the shade beneath a tall yew tree, a blackbird finds his spot in the sun. He settles himself down, spreads out his wings and swivels his head towards the light.

Nicely heated, he hops off into the shade, returning a few moments later to take up his sun-seeking position again.

London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Tower Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Hungerford Bridge . . .

These are crossings of the River Thames as it winds through central London. Most of this list are famous landmarks, iconic structures featured in photographs and and songs, paintings and films. But Hungerford Bridge? Hungerford Bridge carries trains between Charing Cross and Waterloo stations, transporting tens of thousands of people every day from one side of the river to the other.

It’s like one of those personality tests: which would you rather be? The well-known and instantly recognisable Tower Bridge? Or the generally unnoticed Hungerford Bridge, quietly helping countless people get where they want to go without any of them knowing your name?

There’s a field near where I live. I like to walk there, to get into the green, to potter along the path. For the summer it’s been left to its own devices and now is in mellow meadowy fullness. It’s true to say that the field is full of grass but truer to say it is full of grasses, for the closer you look the more varieties of grass you discover in colour and height and leaf and flower. Yet, when the wind blows, all bend in the same breeze. Maybe that could be the hope for us, that we, celebrating our infinite variety, would recognise that we stand in the same field and may learn to bend together in the same breeze.


digital is

1  0  1  0  1

input / output
online / offline
upload / download

facts & figures
forecasts & formulas

digitalis breaks the heart

so          go          slo

take time
make space

to find that beat
to find your feet
to dance not march

with the rhythm that flows
through life
in trinary code